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Full Moon - ARIES 9/24/2018

R E F L E C T I O N // A C T I V A T I O N

ARIES moon / LIBRA sun 01° 59’ -  4:51 pm PST / 10:51 pm EST

First off - what is a full moon?

A moon cycle lasting approximately 29.5 days, comes to a full when the heavenly sphere gets halfway through its orbit in about 15 days. As we watch it grow in light each night (waxing), as reaches this ‘halftime’ it has reached its FULLEST luminosity, directly opposing the sun. As we related before, la luna (the moon) symbolises our internal emotional selves. As the moon governs the tides of bodies of water, this correlates on a physical level to the water of our bodies - individually and collectively. Carl Jung's theory of water is that it symbolises the ‘unconscious’ or subconscious. Things that are just below the surface of consciousness that stirs within us individually and universally serving as an undertone. So, this is a roundabout way of saying that when the moon is FULL, it will bring light to the subconscious, bringing things up for review. This may be the explanation for why sometimes the full moon brings out some real authentic weirdness or crazy, as in ‘lunatics’. All in all, it’s a great time to center in yourself,  release, feel it all, LET GO, practice non attachment & observe. As SEAL sings, “we’re never gonna survive, unless, we get a little crazy”.

HALFTIME REVIEW - (each moon cycle = gametime)

review: where are we (physically/mentally/emotionally)- how did we get here - where did we come from - where do we want to go - how do we get there from here. What’s the best way to to execute our energy to get to where we want to be. Set an intention, FEEL IT. visualize the feeling at the end. Let go, commit to the vision, trust the process, know thy strength, let that guide you.

Re-minder * this is for your highest good* good of ALL for ALL - to grow into the best version of yourself.


SUN - masculine - taking action, ego self, light, giving


Moon - femininity - softness, withdrawing, nourishment, receiving, & reflection.

QUALITY - Cardinal - YANG / taking action / initiative / starting a new /// just do it


Libra - (air) - yang - ruled by Venus. goddess of LOVE. relationships, (THE MIRROR) Beauty, harmony, arts & music ~ good vibrations. Balance, equality & peace. Seeing diplomatically and staying centered within to make clear decisions. Justice. Connection with self worth, values, work, money matters and how all are related. The concept of RELATING - not just to a person, but to nature, animals, environment, technology, situations, work, collaboratives, etc.


Aries - (fire) - yang - ruled by Mars - god of war. Warrior archetype. Embodiment of Courage. Taking initiative & starting new things. Energy to move forward and take ACTION. Fiery Passion.. Sticking up for the underdog. ‘Fighting’ for humanity. Very masculine approach, yet means well from their perspective. Jumps in without thinking through first, instinctual faith - THE RAM - charges. Known for a fit and healthy physical body, strength is a reflection of your will and reflects outwardley. Personal identity, ego.


Life meets us where we are at. How much can we allow in? Probe deep and ask the questions, open to receive the answers. Everything outside of us are our teachers.

During this opposition our peace may be challenged- for the best. Our emotions will be highly charged and passionate. We will be questioning our purpose here on earth. We will want to be active yet remain still. Trust your intuition to make the right decision. With evolution & change the only constant, we are always striving to move forward. For the next half of this cycle, this time is a call to action. This is the time to calibrate your heart and mind into the right place. Take the time to reflect. Embody COURAGE to be our true authentic selves and express from that space, unconditionally expecting nothing in return. What do we bring to the table in this revolution? To ourselves, our relationships, family, to our mother Earth who gives us life. The past few days the moon was in pisces. A water sign and the last of the

whole zodiac. We may have been dreaming and fantasizing of what we would like to bring into our reality. With the moon at its fullest at the 1st degree of Aries - we may gain insight if we are open on what baby step to take next. This is a fiery one! Which ultimately means transformation. Use this time to get clear! Over the next few days and into the rest of the cycle will be a good time to ground things down, finish projects, weed out what you don't need anymore to welcome in that new. With the moon conjunct Chiron the wounded healer, we might encounter some deep programed fears or hurts within us that keep us from moving forward. It might feel uncomfortable but look into it. This is an opportunity to acknowledge and rise above them.

There is a t- SQUARE from the planet Saturn. We shall use caution whilst moving forward. If you feel stuck or like there may be obstacles strewn along the way, pause and connect to your authentic truth. If something clearly doesn't feel right, don't proceed in that direct. Be realistic and move methodically with integrity. As all moments, this a just a phase, naturally how can we grow from it and move in a steady practical pace towards goals by building new habits? GRATITUDE is a timeless tool to connect with how we arrived to 'now here', what current foundation we are building upon, & where we are heading. If we are perpetually in a dissatisfactory mode of when am I going to get there? Will you ever be there? Look around and feel with all of your senses,  ARRIVE - HERE - NOW,  you are here already. Smile. ENJOY THE PROCESS - why so serious?! We should remind each other of this as we strive to become more flexible and embrace the present flow. In a society built on instant gratification we expect to see direct results. We must be realistic and remain positive within your intent. Question the meaning of Patience. Trust, we are right where we need to be. Time is all we have, how can make every collective moment count. Over time, you will see results. Just as a child grows or the seasons change - you don't necessarily see the growth and change everyday - but inevitably over time - they transform! Chip away at your goals a little everyday, always returning to what makes you feel MOST alive. Our lifetime is our work of art. Especially thinking about the younger generations and future ones to come, we need start with ourselves and lead by example, to be able to instill in them the art of patience and building blocks of foundation for stability to expand. Paradoxically, self love and growth is important so we can show up as our best self, but then there is the WHY? What are we all trying to do here? If you found yourself reading thus far in this blog that question just may always be at your forefront, too. Perhaps its to heal the planet, start building good karma with our mother earth, inspire and connect with one another, enjoy the time we have, explore, expand, grow, and lift up as many as we can through out our day to day. You never know how far a smile or good vibe you radiate out goes. Im still thinking about the french guy I met in passing today who was super bubbly and upbeat, it gave me hope and permission to feel the same. Also - the worker at Foodland who was speeding down the isle sitting on a cart - almost took out my boyfriend at I as we budded paths. He had thee biggest grin on his face because he was having FUN! All we could do was laugh and say crazy drivah!That little synchronistic connection literally made my whole day. You never know how taking care of you and keeping it light can have an impact on those surrounding.


The relationship of giving and receiving - notice if you are out of balance in how you give away energy and how well you receive. Give FREELY from your heart with no expectations of anything in return. Having expectations leads to disappoint which is low energy vibrations keeping you from receiving and freely giving and living on purpose. Here we practice non attachment to things, thoughts, actions. Giving too much will end up in depletion and resentment which is not at all a good thing for either parties. Receiving, how well do you receive abundance? A compliment? a hefty tip? Saying a simple "Thank you" will suffice. Acceptance and allowance is directly related to our self worth. If you are capable of attracting that goodness into your realm, you are worthy of receiving it. It also makes the person on the giving end feel accepted as well. Step aside and get out of the way. :) Perhaps easier said! Key worst: practice + unconditional.

With the Fall equinox here, it’s a time of reflection, connecting to the beauty, earth, rhythms, harvesting the fruits of our labor, & letting go. As we enter the growing darkness, it is vital to connect to our light and fire within. Allowing this transformation to take place gracefully and lighting the way in the shadows. Facing fears, understanding the darkness and shadows and knowing they serve a purpose. Its all about the ebbs and flows and remaining cool calm & collected within the ups and downs.

Your perception of reality is your mirror & teacher.

Whatever is happening on the outside is a direct correlation of what’s going on on the inside. Sometimes we don’t want to go there or look. This is a potent time to do that so called ‘work’. If something in your life doesn't feel like its flowing, what can YOU do to benefit the situation. If its in a relationship and you are expecting something from another, are you giving what you want to receive or are you expecting them to just read your mind and know what you want. Expectations lead to disappointments. Perhaps what you want is what you want to be - in turn we will attract more of that. That being said - its a good time to get clear on what we no longer want - and focus on what we do want - and be that! Look in the mirror and repeat 'i love you'.

Rise with the Sun. Halekala of Maui, Hawaii.

Our lifetime here on Earth is short in the big picture. Let’s use our time wisely and view our emotions objectively to learn and grow upwards towards the light as a whole with the dark and the light. Inspiring one another in our own unique way. ‘Tis the journey of life. We are never alone! Connect and be open for others to process and hold space for our consistent evolution ♡. Holding space for growth, be easy.

Stay attuned to ‘the current’ blog for more astro insights on Venus retrograde starting October 5th. We are in the shadow period now, she is really slowing down momentum. Relationships will be up for review - connection and thoughts of the past may surface only to learn and move forward in the future. How we relate to EVERYTHING outside ourselves. Are we in alignment with our truth? If we want to see change we must be the change. Remain loving, understanding, open, unattached, with the mindset that this is all for the best and our growth.

PLANETARY TRANSITS at full moon (noteworthy)

SUN conjunct MERCURY - The mind will positively be flowing, remain clear to stream ideas and inspirations that are connected to your truth. Seek balance within heart and mind. Everything is your teacher, slow down and reflect.

MOON conjunct CHRION - Chiron is an asteroid symbolising the ‘wounded healer’. Paired with the moon, you may be ultra sensitive to past hurts or a metaphoric / physiological wound you have.  Instead of ignoring it, face it and look into, get to the root. This is an opportunity for deep healing. May it be patterns, relations, work, self worth. Hold space of compassion for self and universally. With the sun reflecting light on this maybe dark area, it will allow you to process and deal with these things and you can release, let go and move forward with a clear slate.

MOONS NODES - positive energy flow - life purpose and direction in the world. Once again, take time to reflect on where you are, where you came from, and where you are heading. Trust any insights that come in. Acknowledge what are seeds of potential that you can nurture and act on bringing to fruition.

MARS is super activated- release any pent up anger in a positive way. Be active - go outside. have a bon fire and release what no longer servers you.

***disclaimer*** this is all very general channeled info for the collective whole of the energies that are at play. Based on your personal blueprint or birth chart at your time of birth- these energies will affect different areas of your life depending on your rising sign and the house system.


action • courage • self worth • harvest • relate • willpower • strength • divine service • purpose • center • trust • intuition • patience • steady • gratitude • balance • reflection • harmony • LOVE, thyself • life is your mirror • baby steps • BeHereNow • habit building • adding value • instant gratification • LET GO • release • ritual • FIRE • freshAIR •



•be active, have an outlet for all the Martian energy. Go for a hike/ Yoga/ walk/ run/ swim., MOVE! Light that fire to cleanse and burn away old to create fresh space for new to enter

•rest/be still when needed

•eat warming hot foods, keep it light.

•drink plenty of water to cleanse

•aroma therapy

•color therapy - reds/orange/ yellow for building confidence - green blue purple for balance and calm - white for purity


•pen and paper- write it out, all of it.

•Ikigai- a Japanese concept of defining purpose in ones life. Google it!

•candle magik- mediate on a flame - write out your release and intentions and burn it and watch the smoke release to the universe.

•sage / palo santo / insolence to uplift and clear air.

•pranayama > breath of fire > Kumbhaka breath retention > Nadi shodhana (balancing yin/yang)

•create a vision board

•outline - or master list of action steps to move forward solidly

•meditate focusing on your third eye

•Mantra- Mala beads



•Listen to uplifting music


•Create art

•Cleanse your crystals in salt water and charge them under moonlight

•stare at the clouds - fo real!

•be in the garden

Love yourself first


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