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Full Moon - ARIES 9/24/2018

R E F L E C T I O N // A C T I V A T I O N

ARIES moon / LIBRA sun 01° 59’ -  4:51 pm PST / 10:51 pm EST

First off - what is a full moon?

A moon cycle lasting approximately 29.5 days, comes to a full when the heavenly sphere gets halfway through its orbit in about 15 days. As we watch it grow in light each night (waxing), as reaches this ‘halftime’ it has reached its FULLEST luminosity, directly opposing the sun. As we related before, la luna (the moon) symbolises our internal emotional selves. As the moon governs the tides of bodies of water, this correlates on a physical level to the water of our bodies - individually and collectively. Carl Jung's theory of water is that it symbolises the ‘unconscious’ or subconscious. Things that are just below the surface of consciousness that stirs within us individually and universally serving as an undertone. So, this is a roundabout way of saying that when the moon is FULL, it will bring light to the subconscious, bringing things up for review. This may be the explanation for why sometimes the full moon brings out some real authentic weirdness or crazy, as in ‘lunatics’. All in all, it’s a great time to center in yourself,  release, feel it all, LET GO, practice non attachment & observe. As SEAL sings, “we’re never gonna survive, unless, we get a little crazy”.

HALFTIME REVIEW - (each moon cycle = gametime)

review: where are we (physically/mentally/emotionally)- how did we get here - where did we come from - where do we want to go - how do we get there from here. What’s the best way to to execute our energy to get to where we want to be. Set an intention, FEEL IT. visualize the feeling at the end. Let go, commit to the vision, trust the process, know thy strength, let that guide you.

Re-minder * this is for your highest good* good of ALL for ALL - to grow into the best version of yourself.


SUN - masculine - taking action, ego self, light, giving


Moon - femininity - softness, withdrawing, nourishment, receiving, & reflection.

QUALITY - Cardinal - YANG / taking action / initiative / starting a new /// just do it


Libra - (air) - yang - ruled by Venus. goddess of LOVE. relationships, (THE MIRROR) Beauty, harmony, arts & music ~ good vibrations. Balance, equality & peace. Seeing diplomatically and staying centered within to make clear decisions. Justice. Connection with self worth, values, work, money matters and how all are related. The concept of RELATING - not just to a person, but to nature, animals, environment, technology, situations, work, collaboratives, etc.


Aries - (fire) - yang - ruled by Mars - god of war. Warrior archetype. Embodiment of Courage. Taking initiative & starting new things. Energy to move forward and take ACTION. Fiery Passion.. Sticking up for the underdog. ‘Fighting’ for humanity. Very masculine approach, yet means well from their perspective. Jumps in without thinking through first, instinctual faith - THE RAM - charges. Known for a fit and healthy physical body, strength is a reflection of your will and reflects outwardley. Personal identity, ego.


Life meets us where we are at. How much can we allow in? Probe deep and ask the questions, open to receive the answers. Everything outside of us are our teachers.

During this opposition our peace may be challenged- for the best. Our emotions will be highly charged and passionate. We will be questioning our purpose here on earth. We will want to be active yet remain still. Trust your intuition to make the right decision. With evolution & change the only constant, we are always striving to move forward. For the next half of this cycle, this time is a call to action. This is the time to calibrate your heart and mind into the right place. Take the time to reflect. Embody COURAGE to be our true authentic selves and express from that space, unconditionally expecting nothing in return. What do we bring to the table in this revolution? To ourselves, our relationships, family, to our mother Earth who gives us life. The past few days the moon was in pisces. A water sign and the last of the