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New Moon - VIRGO 9/9/2018

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

C L E A N S E + R i s e

What is a New Moon?

A new moon is when the Moons orbit comes into alignment with the Sun. This marks the end of the previous cycle and a New fresh beginning for the new energy at hand. It is a time to feel at one with yourself, to recalibrate, rest go within. The Dark Moon is when there is no light being reflected from the sun onto the earth. Darkness is known to be the clearest time to ‘see’ psychically or with your 3rd eye. It can also be felt as a metaphorical death prior to the event. Everything seems up for review from the previous cycle, what worked, what did not, and where we are ultimately go and growing.

The dark moon is a fertile time, a time to be still, listen and nourish the mind body soul. The new moon begins when the first light appears to reflect on the moon. The energy of the Dark/New Moon will last a couple days. It’s a great time for ritual and feeling into what you would like to bring in and work on this next cycle.

Each cycle has approximately 29.5 days. The moon is forever on the move and quickly moving through its orbit around Earth. In one full cycle the moon will transit through all 12 zodiac signs or archetypes, moving through each one for about 2-3 days. In essence we experience the full spectrum in one month! Depending on how sensitive or connected to the moon we are, it can create different moods throughout the collective and individually throughout the day. So, imagine the relief of knowing that each mood will just pass by and it has its purpose, its all good!

The position/sign of where the new moon starts in will set the tone of the whole ‘moonth’. Understanding that the moon is a representation of our feminine side (emotions and internal self) where ever it is in the cycle is a direct reflection and lighting up our internal world. This way, we can gain insight and awareness and manifest that into our external world. Working with the rhythms of the moon cycle, seasons, & if you are a woman; your own personal cycle, your will highly atune with your intuition. Optimizing and reflecting the flowing energies of nature. Divine timing is everything. You will understand when the best time to plan things, start things, launch, finish, play, slow down, review, & rest. Harmonize with the Moon and flow~


Fertile Time to Realign

element: Earth

quality: mutable

Virgo the Virgin (figuratively)

High end - Purity. Cleanliness. Organization. Analytical. Planning. Strategizing. Light. Simplistic. Of Service. Daily Routine

Low end - Critical (on self and of others). Over analyze. Perfectionism. Lack of Purpose. Clutter. Disorganized. Low energy

Strive for Success rather than perfection

--> Push past it, do your best, step away & create space, reframe it, attach > Move forward

The japanese art of Wabi Sabi - art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of true authenticity above all. LET IT BE!

A great time to connect with the Earth.

Connect to our Body.

Quality- Virgo is known as a mutable sign. A time to embrace change, be flexible and to flow with the go. We witness the seasons changing here. After the season of eclipse and retrograde, things have been really shaken up and what’s not in alignment with our highest self has fallen away. It is a very important time to get clear on what is important to us and our heart. You do not necessarily have to know where you are going or what you doing, just have a clear intent and willingness to take baby steps day by day.

Daily practices - cultivate daily habits as a goal. Virgo is all about efficiently using time to your benefit to get things done and streamline your energy and efforts in life.

Service - how are you contributing to the greater whole? Do you bring anything of value to the table?

Daily acts of kindness. Helping others in some way shape or form - it’s all connected and that energy reverberates out and back to you.


meditation. Make time for it. Be it 2 mins! 10 mins - hour. Just start first thing in the AM and maybe winding down before bed.

write. Maybe to clear your mind you write. Morning pages (from The Artist’s Way) write 3 full notebook pages of literally anything that comes to your mind. Object- to process dreams and empty mind creating clarity & setting tone of the day.

mantra. Some say you are your own guru. Choose a moonthly mantra that keeps you centered in clarity with self and anchored to your intent. Mala beads work really great in assisting this. (even better if working with certain vibration of gemstone)

gratitude. what are you grateful for?! number one mind shifter to come to


cleanse. do a guided cleanse with a friend or group. Great time to purify toxins from body.

eat clean. freshly harvested seasonal fruits and veggies.

be light. eat light. soups or grounding foods. high vibes foods like berries if need an uplift

move! get out side and go for a walk/run. feel your heartbeat rise and blood flow cleansing body. build heat. shake, dance, play sports, swim, yoga, hike, setups in your living room, anything!

breathe. breath is the portal that connects you to the present, yourself on all levels, the collective, peace.


connect. to higher self. to source, great spirit, God, gods, goddesses nature, angels, ancestors - something bigger than you. feel the awe. You are never alone, rather all-one. You are always supported.

stillness. occupy the present

aware. you are a soul having an earthly experience in this beautiful healthy body, here on earth, connected to everything!

divine. trust you are right where you need to be on this wild journey we are blessed to experience what we call, Life.

PLANETARY ASPECTS - setting the tone for this cycle

MERCURY 06° Virgo —> planet of communications

-Communicate clearly and efficiently. Activate your planner or calendar. Organize. Pay attention to detail

VENUS 00° Scorpio —> planet of love, arts, beauty, harmony, money, work -enters watery deep transformational & sexy scorpio

enters shadow period this month before turning retrograde on 10/5 - 11/16.

pay attention to what’s happening in your relationships. How you are contributing to them and what’s being reflected back to you.

Take time for yourself and nurture and LOVE you. treat yourself to anything that will make you feel loved and beautiful.

observe your money flow - spending and income.

are you in alignment with your life work? if so, how can you dive deeper within and come back even better. If not - then what makes you feel alive/wish you were doing instead?

be cautious and aware this month.

MARS- 29° Capricorn —> planet of masculine energy. fire, passion, action.

Square Venus - Take it slow and cautiously in the love department. Things could heat up and get hot quick! Exercise restraint, be constantly checking in with intuition. Ask thyself - does this feel good or does this feel bad? your body always knows.

Square Uranus - Observe any forms of anger that arise. Anger is a seconadry emotion steming from the original feeling of hurt. Where does this come from? Channel that energy into something constructive. Opportunity for great healing and moving forward through things.

-Observe where and how you use your energy throughout your days.

NEPTUNE - 15° Pisces --> planet in home sign of water, imagination, oneness consciousness

Opposing Sun/moon - pay attention to dreams. Have a dream journal near by to reflect what just happened?!

Trine Jupiter - Spiritual expansion. Be open to receive intuitions, exand thy mind. meditate and see whats alive for you. Explore your artistic or spiritual nature. Dance, create, travel, connect, be free!

PLUTO - 18°Retro Capricorn --> planet of deep transformation in steadfast and disciplined Cap

Trine Sun + sextile Jupiter - positive and harmonious energy flow here for deep healing and transformation. Ride the wave, probe deeply, expand thy consciousness. Shine light on the shadows and face fears. This will weaken their power and you can ultimately move forward over time feeling strong and whole and and rejuvenated.

GRAND EARTH TRINE - Mercury △ Uranus △ Saturn

Be open and receptive to revolutionary ideas arriving on how to restructure outdated systems. For example, financial landscape - the concept of money and how we use it. Consumerism, maybe we try more alternative forms such as more bartering. Where do we put the value of money?

-Finding a sustainable balance with technology and remaining in integrity with human connection. For example - truly monitoring phone usage. Limiting children to electronic devices - go outside and climb a tree or make imaginary mud pies!

-Focusing on a sustainable planet. Smaller scale - how can you make your local community more sustainable?

- get those passion projects moving!

This is just some of the swirling energies out there brought to light. As always, take what is said with a grain of salt, whatever that means. Use your own judgment, does it feel good? or does it feel bad. The body knows! Trust yourself in each moment.

We are always open to feedback as our community grows. Let us know if this was helpful and what you would like to learn more of. We are here for you!

Stay tuned for the Aries Full moon update!

blessings love and light

from soulevel

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