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New Moon - VIRGO 9/9/2018

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

C L E A N S E + R i s e

What is a New Moon?

A new moon is when the Moons orbit comes into alignment with the Sun. This marks the end of the previous cycle and a New fresh beginning for the new energy at hand. It is a time to feel at one with yourself, to recalibrate, rest go within. The Dark Moon is when there is no light being reflected from the sun onto the earth. Darkness is known to be the clearest time to ‘see’ psychically or with your 3rd eye. It can also be felt as a metaphorical death prior to the event. Everything seems up for review from the previous cycle, what worked, what did not, and where we are ultimately go and growing.

The dark moon is a fertile time, a time to be still, listen and nourish the mind body soul. The new moon begins when the first light appears to reflect on the moon. The energy of the Dark/New Moon will last a couple days. It’s a great time for ritual and feeling into what you would like to bring in and work on this next cycle.

Each cycle has approximately 29.5 days. The moon is forever on the move and quickly moving through its orbit around Earth. In one full cycle the moon will transit through all 12 zodiac signs or archetypes, moving through each one for about 2-3 days. In essence we experience the full spectrum in one month! Depending on how sensitive or connected to the moon we are, it can create different moods throughout the collective and individually throughout the day. So, imagine the relief of knowing that each mood will just pass by and it has its purpose, its all good!

The position/sign of where the new moon starts in will set the tone of the whole ‘moonth’. Understanding that the moon is a representation of our feminine side (emotions and internal self) where ever it is in the cycle is a direct reflection and lighting up our internal world. This way, we can gain insight and awareness and manifest that into our external world. Working with the rhythms of the moon cycle, seasons, & if you are a woman; your own personal cycle, your will highly atune with your intuition. Optimizing and reflecting the flowing energies of nature. Divine timing is everything. You will understand when the best time to plan things, start things, launch, finish, play, slow down, review, & rest. Harmonize with the Moon and flow~


Fertile Time to Realign

element: Earth

quality: mutable

Virgo the Virgin (figuratively)

High end - Purity. Cleanliness. Organization. Analytical. Planning. Strategizing. Light. Simplistic. Of Service. Daily Routine

Low end - Critical (on self and of others). Over analyze. Perfectionism. Lack of Purpose. Clutter. Disorganized. Low energy

Strive for Success rather than perfection

--> Push past it, do your best, step away & create space, reframe it, attach > Move forward

The japanese art of Wabi Sabi - art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of true authenticity above all. LET IT BE!

A great time to connect with the Earth.

Connect to our Body.

Quality- Virgo is known as a mutable sign. A time to embrace change, be flexible and to flow with the go. We witness the seasons changing here. After the season of eclipse and retrograde, things have been really shaken up and what’s not in alignment with our highest self has fallen away. It is a very important time to get clear on what is important to us and our heart. You do not necessarily have to know where you are going or what you doing, just have a clear intent and willingness to take baby steps day by day.