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New Moon - LIBRA 10/8 HEART METAMORPHOSIS BE what you wish to see

LIBRA - new moon 10/8

              full moon 10/24 - TAURUS

              cycle ends 11/7  - SCORPIO

Keywords: integration, self love, balance, feminine, masculine, wholeness, peace, harmony, human connection, relationships, mirror, reflection, the snap, depth, upheaval, transformation, sensual, health is wealth, space, air, beauty, art, work, new beginnings.

Disclaimer:  Channeled from a clear space, intending to bring clarity with light and divine love for our perpetual (r)evolutionary growth. Exposed. Personal shares. Continually in practice and will keep showing up. <3

LIBRA season, ruled by planet Venus, governs the realms of the heart & Love. This essence of love can be expressed and received via artwork, music, sound vibrations, relationships of all kinds, sensuality, dancing, fulfilling work, & natural beauty. It’s a sense of harmony & peace when everything feels like it’s seamlessly flowing. If you aren’t experiencing these higher sensations, this is the opportunity to take inventory of what feels heavy and not nourishing for growth and release it to allow you to feel lighter and tap into this fresh higher vibration of love to rock this next cycle. Set an intention to direct the energies and come back to it time and time again, for experiential purposes, why not?!

This harmonious flow is a direct relationship to how much we are allowing ourselves to love and accept our Self. Our Self, on the thread of all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, soul level. Through the gateways of self acceptance, unconditional love, nourishment, gratitude for what/who we have in our lives, we raise our vibration. This sign also correlates with your work in the world and financial flow. Health is truly your wealth. It’s a choice. To recognize the quality of our thoughts; (+) adding to our life or (-) depleting your life. Decisions & taking actions to elevate your health and wellness, environment, and be open for it to flow right back to you. How does your work add value? Are you in alignment? What do you need to do to get feel aligned with work flow? Libra is known as ‘the mirror’, being a great teacher, seeing yourself in the other and having it reflected back to you. In your closest relationships, the teller at the bank, a fellow human in passing, a smile, a Thank you, a compliment. A moment with a tree, a rock, an animal, the elements, the stars, the moonlight, the mother herself Earth. What you put out you will receive back. This time space is an opportunity to see where we are lacking self love and where there is room for improvement, and to be grateful for all the love and healthiness we have cultivated.

Venus being retrograde in Scorpio (til 11/16) dives into loves depths. Concerning matters of the heart, to look deeply within, and then within some more this cycle. Looking beyond ~ what we initially see. Exercising non attachment, not getting held up or distracted by what we come across. Revealing a core intent of what it is we see for ourselves in relationships with another and for the greater collective.

This Scorpionic/Venusian energy trine Mars and square Pluto explains the upheaval and rising of the feminine we may be observing collectively. Secrets and sensitive deep traumas are being triggered and released. We are witnessing the collective imbalance of yin and yang energies. Individually we hold both yin and yang to be whole, that’s just our duality of life. This is a time where we need to truly assess where we can soften & understand, release to the flow (yin) and understand when to use our energy and take action and how we can channel it in a receptive way (yang). Many things will be revealed, as we have been witnessing in the news if keeping up. This is an opportunity to observe these deep things being released. To heal, accept, and know for the future when and how to address things as they come and to take responsibility for our whole self.

Holding space for this important and metamorphic phase of the heart that will take place for some time is vital. To truly embody the feminine. Listening, having compassion, and hold space for the best possible growth for the collective and for individuals. If we stick up for the feminine in an agro way we need to ask how will that be received? The Karma of reactions will go round and round. Only time will tell and I personally hold space for balance, healing, and rising together in our wholeness. We all come from different backgrounds, lineages, places, points in souls growth. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You don’t need to agree with it. If anything it sharpens your own core beliefs that’s true to you that you can stand up for. How can we cultivate peace?

Have courage to let go of the relationships that do not enrich your soul. This is a favor to yourself, the other person, and the collective. This is not implying to x-communicate them in a harsh way, still be open to hold space for their individual growth as your own and move forward to create space for more like minded connections. When relating, speaking heartfelt truth is vital and we shouldn’t be afraid of how the other person receives the info. What matters is if it’s coming from a place of respect of self, the other, and truly for the best. Embody courage, to expose yourself to an environment you’re attracted to and allow your Self to expand and soften into the space. Embody this intent, every moment, everyday! Like a plant, you need to trim the dead ends to allow the energy to flow and support growth. It needs either a bigger pot to expand or be put into the ground to be free and wild. It needs a temperate environment for it to thrive, with light and water. Optimization of environment and nourishment be key!

CHERISH the relationships you do have. Celebrate one another and recognize your growth, processes, and goals. Remain in integrity to yourself, to remain in alignment with commitments and to show up fully. Honor when you need to rest and go within, honor when you need to go out in the world and dance!

Practice of mindful awareness.

It’s easy for me to say all of these things in this composed blog, but it’s another thing to actively implement it on the daily. It’s a full time job! We can talk all we want about the things we should do but it’s those magic AHA moments, I call ‘the snap’ where the tool comes in and presence is occupied. When we are not on auto pilot, aka - WOKE? Listening to the words we chose, our thought patterns,  stories we repeat, our tone when speaking. Greeting people, when you ask casually in passing oh hey how are you? Or vise versa, what’s the answer? Do you even want to know, or do you just shrug off the dull question with a “good how are you?”. I personally catch myself doing this from time to time from habit of I’m not even sure. Keyword: “catch.” That ‘snap’ reaction is all that needs to happen and you can change the response or question to something more exciting or lively. That thoughtful response in turn is transferred to the other person and you never know how something affects or inspires someone.